The Post Roll: Value Case for Trulieve (TRUL) & Toxic Pot Stocks


Scott Willis and Thomas George take stock of the battered down cannabis sector, even though sales have picked up during the coronavirus crisis the stocks have continued to trade like trash.

The Value Case for Trulieve

With so much carnage in the sector we thought it would make sense to look if there is a “value investing” case emerging for any specific stocks.  We compared one of the best run companies in the sector – Trulieve (CSE: TRUL) vs. alcohol peers.

It’s getting very interesting to say the least.


Pot Stocks: Have the Con Artists Left the Building?

The cannabis sector has been notorious for creating bag holders, founders not creating any sustaining value and selling shares across the board.   The chart below illustrates the carnage, Aurora (NYSE: ACB) and Tilray (NYSE: TLRY) down nearly 90% in a year – no real stocks ever shed this much value.

Scott examines the sector to see whether the impostors have left the sector completely.  This sector won’t work till all the corporate governance garbage is taken to the curb.


Does Canopy have a Game Changer with Drinks?

Scott weighs in about Canopy Growth’s (NYSE: CGC) fast onset cannabis drink, this has the potential to be a real game changer for the industry… but is it enough to move the dial to make Canopy a bargain?  We don’t think so, the valuation is simply too stretched and too much growth is already baked into the stock.

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